Home improvement trends: organization in overdrive


Designers can conquer confusion when it comes to interior upgrades

Metairie – If you’re looking to store 500 pairs of shoes, or install a desk that’s good for your health, Joe Lindenmayer and his team can help. He’s been a fan and employee of California Closets for many years and says the biggest misconception (aside from people thinking they only do closets!) is that the company only works on major projects.

“We do projects of every size,” says Lindenmayer, who owns the Gulf Coast franchise in Metairie.

“We have a saying that we use and it’s ‘luxury at any level,’ so it could be a few hundred dollars up to many thousands of dollars,” he says.

He showed WGNO Reporter Stephanie Oswald some of the hot items in the showroom, starting with a sit-stand desk that’s the first of its kind: it can be programmed to rise to multiple levels and can be tailored to any setting.

“Our design consultants can work in the space, we can make the desk narrower, we can put it against a wall, or if you have a window and you want to be able to look out of the window, we can work around that,” explains Lindenmayer.

A modern day Murphy bed has hydraulics for a smooth disappearing act. The old fashioned versions worked with springs and were much heavier, and therefore harder to operate. The wall bed at California Closets even has shelves that fold in a way that allows you to keep small items on the shelves, even when the bed is open. (See video above!)

The company, which started in California, can be found across the country. Lindenmayer takes pride in the fact that the brand has served multiple generations, with the ongoing goal of making homeowner’s organizational dreams come true.

Enthusiastic Senior Design Consultant Regan Zibilich is an interior design expert who loves to talk about the latest trends.

“A lot of people are phasing out of furniture in bedrooms so we’ve incorporated drawers in the closet, as well as this really cool concept with a hamper system,” explains Zibilich.

And if you’re worried about consultants entering your home during the time of Covid-19, these experts say a lot can be done virtually.

Taking that first step is often the hardest, according to Lindenmayer. “Just reaching out and saying, ‘What’s possible?’ Our services are free; the design consultation and the information, the project management part of this is complimentary,” reminds Lindenmayer.

Customers pay for the products and installation, but not the planning sessions.

Home sweet home is even sweeter, when it’s organized.


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