Holy Moses! Michael Eric Dyson is an idiot

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Michael Eric Dyson (screen capture from YouTube via MSNBC)

It is no wonder that MSNBC is tanking in the ratings. It is so bad for the far left network that they are being surpassed in total viewers by not only CNN, but also Headline News, which only covers the Jodi Arias trial.

One reason for the problems is that the network relies on laughable anchors and “experts” who are racists and far left apologists for President Obama. When they interact on air it leads to ridiculous opinions being expressed, but nothing of real substance. For example, let’s examine yesterday’s exchange when liberal host Martin Bashir asked his fellow liberal wacko Michael Eric Dyson about the plight of Attorney General Eric Holder. Bashir noted that some Republicans like Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) have called for Holder’s resignation as they did during the Fast and Furious investigation last year.

Dyson said that Holder should not step down from office but step “off of the plateau where he represents on high principle and whip some heads. But he shouldn’t give up his office. What he should understand is that he is the chief law giver of the United States so to speak. He’s the Moses of our time and at least for this administration.”

(Fast forward to the 3:45 mark to hear Dr. Dyson’s remarks.)

Yes, Michael Eric Dyson compared Eric Holder to one of the most consequential figures in the history of the world. Moses gave the world the Ten Commandments; Holder has given us lies, excuses and incompetence. Not exactly an apt comparison Michael Eric Dyson.

This hopelessly misguided commentator is typical of the type of “expert” given air time on MSNBC. Dyson called for Holder to “hold fast” because he was the favorite “whipping boy” of a frustrated “right wing.”

Holder is not being attacked because of unfair partisanship; he is being criticized for once again thwarting the pursuit of true justice.  Our country has never been saddled with an Attorney General like Holder. He is a partisan, biased tool of President Obama. In 2012, he prevented a real investigation into his department’s outrageous Fast and Furious operation and was held in contempt of Congress.

In the current situation, Holder is in hot water for apparently lying about the administration’s actions involving Fox News reporter James Rosen. It seems that Holder approved the unprecedented effort to access the reporter’s personal communications, phone records and interactions with colleagues and family members. However, in congressional testimony, Holder denied being involved in such an attack on the First Amendment.  So, Holder is either lying or extremely incompetent with a very limited memory.  He should be fired or have the decency to resign. Of course, in this administration, the honorable course of action is very rarely taken.

Holder is not in trouble because of his race or his liberal ideology; it is because he failed to provide truthful testimony to Congress. Of course, it is essential for congressional witnesses to tell the truth. Holder’s inaccurate testimony is leading some to rightfully question when he committed perjury. At the very least, Holder should be called before Congress again and asked to clarify his comments. Even some congressional Democrats are joining their Republican colleagues in demanding that Holder shed light on this clear contradiction.

Too bad such honesty does not exist on MSNBC. It is no surprise that a MSNBC commentator like Dyson would express support for the Attorney General. What is surprising is that there are no limits to the extent of the support. It seems that to people like Dyson, the Attorney General can do no wrong, in fact he is like Moses.

How absurd, but in an age of Obama, the entire country has become a theater of the absurd.


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