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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA-– In the 1980’s it was the golden age of shopping malls and retail across the United States and merchants began a tradition in the true spirit of American Business. Black Friday was a way to use one day to turn a profit for the year. It became the biggest shopping day in the country.

Over recent years, a recession and the growth of online shopping changed the retail landscape. This year, local businesses have been hit hard because of the economic effects of COVID-19 and it makes Black Friday and Local Business Saturday all the more important for the livelihood of business owners and the local economy.

Lee Ray is part of the music family owning the beloved Peaches Records and says, “it’s gotten harder than ever as we’ve seen online pick up so much with big box retailers getting so aggressive. This year, with all of the struggles of 2020, it’s never been more important to go out and support your local shops. We are known internationally for our culture, that’s our music, our food, our lifestyle. If that culture can’t be supported, what happens to it? It dies!”

There are plenty of local businesses areas around New Orleans and plenty of struggling local artisans. In many ways this city has historically been a refuge from chain stores to the throw back eras of boutiques and one of a kind items.

Marcus Akinlana is a local artist in the city and says, “we have an entrepreneurial spirit here in New Orleans. We are still here. Please come out and get this blessing and get these goodies as gifts for your loved ones.”

Stephanie Gremillion is a local shopper and says, “for me it’s more fun to come out and shop in the store, rather than be on the computer shopping on Amazon definitely.”

With the passing of thanksgiving and the twilight of Black Friday, the race towards Christmas heats up. Local shopping in New Orleans for the holidays is not only good for people receiving gifts, it’s also priceless for business owners and a good deed worth gold, green and purple.


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