(KLFY) — According to a recent study, and multiple social media posts, the top-paid state employee in most states is a football or basketball coach. Of course, Louisiana is one of them.

LSU head football coach Brian Kelly is tied for the fifth-highest paid state employee in the country, with an annual salary of $9.5 million, according to OLBG, a website devoted to online gambling.

Here is a list of the salaries for the top 10 state employees in the country:

1AlabamaAlabamaNick SabanFootball Coach$11,700,00
2GeorgiaGeorgiaKirby SmartFootball Coach$11,250,000
3South CarolinaClemsonDabo SwinneyFootball Coach$10,500,00
4KansasKansasBill SelfBasketball Coach$10,180,000
5LouisianaLSUBrian KellyFootball Coach$9,500,000
5MichiganMichigan StMel TuckerFootball Coach$9,500,000
5OhioOhio StRyan DayFootball Coach$9,500,000
8TexasTexas A&MJimbo FisherFootball Coach$9,000,000
8NebraskaNebraskaMatt RhuleFootball Coach$9,000,000
10KentuckyKentuckyJohn CalipariBasketball Coach$8,600,000

This only reflects what coaches are paid at state schools, but salaries paid by private schools are similar, according to the study. USC football coach Lincoln Riley ($10 million), Duke basketball coach John Scheyer ($9.7 million) and Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman ($7.5 million), all private institutions, show that state schools are paying what the market demands for top-level coaches. 

It is also true that big-time college sports generates huge sums of money for schools, most of which comes from television contracts. Other revenue sources include ticket sales, sponsorships and booster contributions, but TV provides the bulk of the money generated by college athletic departments.

Here is a list of what college conferences collect each year in television money:

ConferenceAnnual Value
ACC$240 million
Big 12$200 million
Big East$40 million
Big Ten$1.15 billion
Mountain West$45 million
Pac 12$250 million
SEC$710 million

The seven states in which the highest-paid state employee is not a coach are the following:

AlaskaExecutive Director, Pfc$379,433
MaineClinical Director$320,869
MontanaPresident/Chief Executive Officer$434,720
New HampshireChief Medical Examiner$255,113
New YorkTitle Not Disclosed$975,229
North DakotaPhysician$589,489
South DakotaAdvanced Professional Work$728,000