High-flying vlogger Casey Neistat uses drone and snowboard for viral Christmas video

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(WGNO) — His Youtube channel has more than 6 million followers.  Many of his fans first got to know him through his early projects like his Bike Lanes and iPod battery videos.  His daily vlogs covered his escapades, ranging from the mischievious to magnificent.

Then on November 19, Casey Neistat announced he was ending his daily vlog.  He also announced that he was selling his mobile app company Beme to CNN.

But fear not, he’s far from fading away.  The adventuring Neistat released a Christmas video this week that already has more than 5 million views, and it’s a doozy.

The project is part of Neistat’s ongoing work with Samsung’s Gear 360 camera.  But don’t think the video is an overbearing corporate commercial crammed down your throat.  It’s classic Neistat, taking risks and getting into mischief.  And it’s a blast to watch.

A quick warning.  Casey was accompanied on his video shoot to Finland by fellow vlogger PrankVsPrank’s Jesse Wellens who uses a few four letter words at the beginning of the video.  Be careful while watching without earbuds if there’s any chance that your office coworkers will disapprove or your kids will repeat.

Neistat and Wellens went into the project by announcing that they intended to, “Win Christmas.”  See if you think they did.

Vloggers like Neistat sometimes release follow-up videos to their original projects that explain the work required behind the scenes.  Often, those follow-up videos are much longer than the projects they explain.  Such is the case with Neistat’s subsequent Christmas video which is more than twice as long.  But when you see how much work, over an entire week, went into the original 4 minute video, you see why he needed the extra time to explain.


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