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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WGNO) — Has your spouse ever accused you of being lazy?  You may have a really good new excuse!

In a new study by Florida Gulf Coast University, researchers found lazy people were more intelligent than busy folks.

The researchers found smart people rarely become bored and spend more time in their own thoughts.

On the flip side, they found less intelligent people filled their day with activity to escape their own thoughts.

The full study is published in the Journal of Health Psychology.

Specifically, the researchers examined whether the trait of “need for cognition” was associated with daily physical activity levels in students.

They recruited individuals who were high or low in need for cognition and measured their physical activity over a one week period.

They discovered low-need-for-cognition individuals were more physically active.

However, this difference was most pronounced during the 5-day work week and lessened during the weekend.

Researches also noted, those who are more intelligent and lazy may endure negative side effects from their sedentary lifestyles.