Holidays got you stressed out? Calm your nerves with a meditating ‘kitten break’

Kitten Break

Kitten Break

Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means Christmas is a month away, and just a week after that is New Year’s.

Best Friends Animal Society understands that the holidays can be filled with stress, especially for those resuming family gatherings after a pandemic year off.

That’s why the national animal welfare organization put together a 10-minute calming video of adorable kittens doing adorable things. The goal? Help ease nerves and calm people back to their happy places. 

The “Kitten Break” meditation video includes “Tibetan bell chimes and a meditative voiceover empathizing with the challenges people face at holiday dinners – from awkward small talk with relatives, guilt trips from parents, and commentary about your life’s choices.”

“Take a deep breath, feel the stress melting away with each adorable pounce, with each swipe of a paw,” a guide instructs as kittens tumble and play on screen. “Now head back out there so your mom can ask when you’re going to give her a grandchild. Keep calm and kitten.”   

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