It’s a common health problem that gets worse with age. It is called cataracts.

Does your vision get blurry? Do you see a glare around headlights at night when you are driving?
Do colors not seem as bright as they use to?

Well you may have cataracts. A cataract occurs when the lens in your eye gets a film over it making it difficult to see clearly.

Your lens is made of mostly water and protein. A cataract forms when the proteins in the lens of your eye clump together which makes the lens cloudy so it is difficult to see clearly.

On an eye exam, your lens has a discolored appearance instead of its normal clear appearance. The lens in your eye functions just like the lens in a camera.

Light passes through the crystal clear lens onto your retina. The lens adjusts so you can see things clearly.
When the lens gets cloudy due to a cataract, your vision becomes cloudy as well.

You may have difficulty seeing things at night, you may have sensitivity to glare and you may see halos around lights.

With advanced discoloration of your lens, color vision fades especially between blue/black and purple colors. You may think you have a pair of black socks on when they are actually purple.

The risk of developing a cataract increases with age.

People who smoke, have diabetes, alcoholics, or work in environments with prolonged sunlight are at higher risk for developing cataracts.

If you have a family history of cataracts, then you are at higher risk for developing them as well.
The treatment for cataracts is simple. Just have your cataract removed from the lenses. The surgery is common and you go home the same day.

If you feel like your vision has changed, please go to your eye doctor.

Life needs to be enjoyed with clear, sharp vision.

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