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NEW ORLEANS — Preparing for hurricane season can be a huge challenge if you need special accommodations. Hurricane preparedness is important for everyone, but it is vital for people with special medical needs.

Pregnant women must have plans for themselves as well as their unborn child.

Make sure you have a copy of your prenatal records. Get them now and have them updated at each visit during this season. Also, make sure you have a copy of your first ultrasound.

Have enough medications and vitamins to last at least one week. Find an obstetrician in the city that you plan to evacuate to in case you deliver while you are evacuated. You can find an OB on the American College of OB/GYN website.

Let your local OB know your plan, and of course, don’t forget your birth bag.

People on dialysis, make sure that you have your medical records with you. Most important are your current dialysis orders. It is a good idea to evacuate early and have a dialysis center in the area that you plan to evacuate to.

People dependent on oxygen, contact your oxygen supplier to obtain a 2-day supply.

For those people who have special health needs and plan to evacuate to a shelter, register now at an accommodating shelter so they are prepared when you arrive.

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