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NEW ORLEANS — The hot summer heat as arrived.

People are headed to the beaches for fun and sun. You jump out of the car, take off your shoes, excited to plunge into the water.  Your feet hit the hot sand.

Ouch! You feel the burning sensation but you keep walking because the water is so close. You finally get to the water and get some relief, but your feet are aching and burning.

You have first- and second-degree burns.

Yes, the sand heats up in the hot sun and is a common cause of burns on your feet. Our teaching doctor, Dr. Rachel Reitan, says when the temperature outside is just 75 degrees, the sand can be over 100 degrees.  When it is 90 degrees outside, the sand can be over 120 degrees, hot enough to cause second and even third degree burns.

So at the beach, wear Crocs, aqua socks, or flip flops when walking on the sand.  Pay special attention to children and elderly because the skin on the bottom of their feet is more prone to burning.

If you burn your feet on the sand, place them in cool water, wrap them loosely in gauze or a towel and get to a doctor as soon as possible.

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