Could a salt cave be the answer to your medical problems? See for yourself in Metairie

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METAIRIE, LA — Have you heard of halotherapy?  If so, you’ve probably been in a cave!

Halotherapy involves the breathing in of salt particles.  The rooms where you do that are call salt caves.  People who swear by the salt treatments say they can help people control breathing conditions like asthma and allergies or skin problems like psoriasis or eczema.

“We live in a swamp,” says Nathallie Strickland, the owner of Strictly Salt of Metairie.  “There’s mold allergy and grasses and rag weed and everything else that we deal with throughout the year.”

Strickland’s business just celebrated its grand opening a few days ago.  It has two salt caves that people can use.  One of them is specifically designed for kids.  You really have to see them!

Strickland says she’s battled with allergies all her life.  She says she tried halotherapy in Florida and it worked wonders, so she decided to open a salt cave business in the New Orleans area.

“It turns out that salt has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties to it,” Strickland said.  “Then you inhale that salt and it helps with inflammation. It helps with any extra bacteria that are in your sinuses.”

Halotherapy uses extremely pure and fine salt — not the kind you use at home on your food.  Machines grind the pure salt into an aerosol that is pumped into the salt caves.  Customers sit in chair — much like you’d find at the beach — and inhale the air for about 45 minutes.

The business is on David Drive in Metairie.  Each 45 minute session costs $45, but you can opt for a membership which starts at $100 a month.

To learn more about how halotherapy works and see the salt caves, click on the video button at the top of this page.

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