WGNO Special Report – Coronavirus: What You Need to Know Episode 102


NEW ORLEANS — This week in coronavirus news was marked by the return of the state of Louisiana to the top of an undesirable list.

“Louisiana is now ranked number one in the United States per capita for cases of COVID-19,” Governor John Bel Edwards announced at a press conference early in the week.

The state is reporting far more positive cases in this second surge of the virus than it was in March and April.

In WGNO’s special report Coronavirus: What You Need to Know, Dr. Joseph Kanter gives host LBJ a breakdown of how our region is faring.

“What’s interesting is, if you remove that first spike–if you remove those big pools of cases in Orleans and Jefferson–our state’s curve looks a lot like Texas, Arizona, and Florida, where it is going up right now,” says Dr. Kanter, Assistant State Health Officer. “And that is not a great place to be.”

LBJ also speaks with New Orleans Coroner Dwight McKenna who had his own battle with COVID-19. Dr. McKenna recalls that his condition got severe. But, he kept fighting.

“I’ve talked to other doctors who have had it,” says Dr. McKenna. “And, there comes a point and time when, almost miraculously, something happens. You feel like your body is winning. That you can make it now.”

We also hear from Dr. Ajsa Nikolic, Section Head at Ochsner Urgent Care, about why covering your face can slow down the spread of the virus.

“Consider the mask a barrier. It’s a physical barrier, like a wall,” explains Dr. Nikolic. “I can’t walk through a wall. But, I can definitely walk though an opening in the wall.”

You can see the special report Coronavirus: What You Need to Know on WGNO and WGNO.com.


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