Test Kitchen Taylor: Homemade Hand Sanitizer


NEW ORLEANS – Let’s see what Test Kitchen Taylor is making today!

In the wake of COVID-19,  Test Kitchen Taylor‘s recipe today is NOT edible – it’s homemade hand sanitizer. Remember, washing your hands with soap is better than hand sanitizer, but it’s always good to keep sanitizer on hand.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer
3/4 cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent)
1/4 cup of aloe vera gel
10 drops of essential oil, such as lavender oil, or you can use lemon juice instead

Pour all ingredients into a bowl.
Mix with a spoon and then beat with a whisk to turn the sanitizer into a gel.
Pour the ingredients into an empty bottle for easy use.

Do you have a recipe that you want Test Kitchen Taylor, Tamica and LBJ to try? Send it to us at twist@wgno.com!


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