STARTING TODAY: Those ages 12 to 15 can now get the Pfizer Vaccine but, is it safe?


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) It’s official teens 12 to 15 can now get the Covid-19 vaccine.
Today, we are expecting authorization for local health care centers to start vaccinating this age group.

Many of you in our community are looking forward to some normalcy but, are skeptical about giving the Covid vaccine to your young ones. Well, you wanted more details and we went straight to the experts. So, is it safe and is it effective?

Ochsner Health explained to WGNO that the testing done on this age group showed promising results. The results of Pfizer’s trial in the 12 to 15-year-old age group apparently show that the vaccine is safe and 100% effective against Covid-19.

In fact, locally, we had 80 adolescent kids participate in this trial and all went well. They were able to illustrate their safety to the FDA.

So with that being said, Louisiana’s Health Department says, children as young as 12 can expect to start receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine today.
If parents so choose, they can already start making appointments for their kids.

We are expecting the Health Department to issue its formal notice this morning, and any clinic or other outlet that has the Pfizer vaccine can start dispensing it to kids immediately after that.

Ochsner Health System and Louisiana State University Health say they’re ready to start as soon as they get official authorization.

“So, adding this age group, this population of people who will now be prevented from transmitting the virus is a huge step forward in our progress against Covid-19,” said Dr. William Lennarz, System Chair of Pediatrics, Ochsner Health

Ochsner will open the schedule for those 12 to 15 years old sometime today.
They suggest that if you are interested, that you go to

If you still need to get your Covid vaccination, go to the top of this page, and click on the red banner at the top.

We have a full list of where and when vaccines are available.

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