Special Report: Coronavirus: the Latest – Your Questions Answered


NEW ORLEANS — In the WGNO special report Coronavirus: the Latest – Your Questions Answered, medical correspondent Dr. Rachel, the Teaching Doctor, answers the most common questions she hears from patients and viewers.

Dr. Rachel says since the federal Major Disaster Declaration, more resources have come to the region to fight the spread of the virus and treat those infected by it.

“We are able to get all those resources. We get nurses. We get supplies,” says Dr. Rachel. “We can set up hospitals. So, our city is preparing.”

The special report, hosted by WGNO anchor Curt Sprang, explains some of problems faced by a community dealing with a coronavirus outbreak. They discuss how social distancing helps contain the spread, what the health care system is doing to “flatten the curve” of the outbreak, and why young people should also be concerned about the virus.

“We have at least four people under the age of 35 right now on a ventilator,” says Dr. Rachel. “So, it hits young people. It hits kids. And, unfotunately, it hits babies. It is not just an older person’s disease.

You can view the WGNO special report Coronavirus: the Latest – Your Questions Answered on WGNO and WGNO.com, where you can also stay up-to-date with our Coronavirus: the Latest reports. And, send your questions for Dr. Rachel by email to DrRachel@wgno.com.


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