Special Report: Coronavirus: the Latest-Your Questions Answered

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NEW ORLEANS — Are we seeing the coronavirus curve “flattening” in Louisiana?

“We hope that we are. But, remember, the numbers are still going up,” says Dr. Rachel, the Teaching Doctor, answering a question by WGNO anchor Curt Sprang–from a safe distance on the WGNO News set.

Dr. Rachel and Curt Sprang discussed last week’s coronavirus statistics during WGNO’s special report Coronavirus: the Latest–Your Questions Answered.

“Flattening the curve” refers to a leveling off of coronavirus impacts represented by a bending curve on a graph. As coronavirus cases and other impacts rise, the curve bends up. When the rate of increase in cases begins to slow, the curve starts turning the other way or “flattening.”

This week, the curve looked as if it were turning the other way in some key indicators: hospitalized patients and patients on ventilators. But, Dr. Rachel says it is premature to call it “flattening.”

“You have to realize that now that we have all of these new tests in the city. You are going to see the number of positive cases going up as well, which isn’t necessarily a good thing,” points out Dr. Rachel.

The special report covers many common issues concerning coronavirus, including why testing has gotten better, why African Americans are being hit harder by the virus, how to wear a mask the right way, and why we should treat our pets as if they could get the virus, too.

“We are actually seeing in our patients that have COVID that their animals, specifically their cats–and some ferrets, too–are getting the sniffles,” says Dr. Rachel.

Recently, a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for coronavirus. Dr. Rachel says there is more research needed in this area. But, because the virus started in animals and crossed over to humans, it is not a stretch to think animals can get it from humans.

You can view the WGNO special report Coronavirus: the Latest – Your Questions Answered on WGNO.com, where you can also stay up-to-date with our Coronavirus: the Latest reports. And, if you have a question for Dr. Rachel, send it to DrRachel@wgno.com.

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