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NEW ORLEANS – Deciding if students should return to school or not has been a topic of debate across the country.

Here in Louisiana, some parishes have already started, while others are waiting until after Labor Day.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy argues that students should return because the CDC and state office of public health both agree it’s safe. Cassidy also says that returning to school is critical for a child’s learning.

“So I do think we have to trust the medical experts, rely upon the physicians at the Centers For Disease Control and elsewhere, and know that the risk of the child not learning is much greater than her risk of being infected, or his risk of being infected, and that we can safely teach them,” Cassidy said. “Safe for the child, safe for the teacher, safe for the family.”

Senator Cassidy went on to say that as long as everyone is using “common sense” and wearing a mask or washing their hands, then students should return to classes.