Sandy Almerico is a Health Care Hero of the Day!

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COVINGTON, LA — Trying to protect residents at one senior citizens facility from the coronavirus is difficult enough. Imagine having to do it at three!

That’s exactly what Sandy Almerico does. She’s a nurse practitioner who treats residents at assisted living and memory care centers. She’s also our Healthcare Hero of the Day.

“We have to assume that everyone we come in contact with has been affected by Covid-19 or is positive because it’s so contagious,” Almerico told WGNO. “We’re not their real family, but we consider them our family.”

Almerico must wear all kinds of PPE when she sees the residents. For many residents, the respirator and other gear can be frightening. For others, especially those who have hearing loss, it makes communication more difficult. Also, many of the residents are having to spend more time quarantined in their rooms.

“They’re getting depressed. They’re watching the news and see what’s going on. And there’s a big fear factor actually in how they feel,” she said.

The centers are often spending more time individually with residents, and Almerico is doing all she can to assure them that the staff at the facilities is working hard to protect them.

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