Salute to Health Care Heroes

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NEW ORLEANS — When the coronavirus hit the New Orleans region hard, our health care workers were our heroes. From doctors, to nurses, to hospice workers, and everyone behind the scenes, they all pitched in, some on the frontlines risking their health to protect ours.

WGNO honors their efforts in our special show Salute to Health Care Heroes brought to you by Schonberg Care.

We tell the story of Christie Brewton, who makes sure health care workers get the the necessary equipment to do their jobs; Kristen Johnson, who finds an artistic way to cope with the stress of treating coronavirus patients; Dr. Jay Kaplan, whose poetry helps health care workers deal with the crisis; Amanda Thibodeaux, who steps into a new role to do her part; Toni Rougeau, who connects isolated patients with their families; Keith Pinho, who helps the elderly plan their next steps; Velma Johnson, who makes sure the health care workers get the care they need; Keri Boulin, who keeps health care workers safe from the virus they are treating; Ellen Rushin, who switched focus to testing when the virus hit; and, the stitchers of Stitchers Without Borders, who make masks for health care workers.

You can see their stories on WGNO’s Salute to Health Care Heroes brought to you by Schonberg Care.


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