Saints fans hopeful Alvin Kamara returns soon


NEW ORLEANS — Just as people are hopeful for a fresh start and a much happier new year, for Saints fans, 2021 is already going a little sideways.

Running back Alvin Kamara has Coronavirus and will not play on Sunday against the Panthers.

Fans are understandably disappointed Kamara is out for now, but what they really care about is the playoffs.

“I’m in love with the Saints,” said Omare Baker.

Baker never misses a game and always keeps up with Kamara.

“Against the Vikings, he just tied the record with the most touchdown runs in one game.” Baker said. “That’s crazy!”

For some fans, Kamara’s COVID news came as a surprise.

“COVID is kind of stopping everything for everyone,” Adriana Mccal said. “Hopefully he can get better and I know he’s going to be sad that he’s missing the game. He’ll be back to it once he gets over it. Hopefully he gets well.”

Another fan said, “We gotta re-route the playbook now. We gotta do something man.”

Despite the news, fans believe the Saints have what it takes to be in the Super Bowl.

“They’re going to win all of that. They’re good,” Mccall said.


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