NOLA’s 1st Case of Delta Variant of Covid. How to determine if you have it.


New Orleans faces first case of Delta Variant. What this means for the community.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) About a dozen cases of the Delta variant have been identified statewide, with many more presumptive cases. Specifically in New Orleans, the first Delta variant of Covid has been identified in Region 1, meaning in the Metro area.

The worry is that the Delta variant is contagious and easily spread within the community. The CDC is warning that this type of Covid shows more signs of severity. Doctors say, there’s evidence that the Delta variant will cause increased hospitalizations or deaths.

Since the Covid strain is changing, the CDC is warning that there could be a significant reduction in the effectiveness of the current vaccines on the market.

“We’re worried over time, that these Delta variants could mutate into something that the vaccines don’t work as well against,” shared Dr. Patel.

According to a recent study on the vaccines effectiveness against the Delta variant, both doses of the Pfizer vaccine were 88% effective. Only one dose was 33% effective.

The Delta variant of Covid was first identified in India, quickly spreading from there to America and now reaching the State of Louisiana. Experts are warning that the Delta variant is on track to become the dominant virus strain globally.

Keep in mind that the Delta variant is spreading quickly and is considered to be more dangerous, causing more severe sickness and hitting younger people particularly hard. Going forward, signs of having the Delta variant of Covid are severe headaches, runny nose, sore throat, and fever. If you have any of those, seek professional help immediately.

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