NOLA Public Schools reports an increase in COVID-19 cases


New Orleans Public Schools report a jump in COVID-19 cases among students and staff.

More than half of the schools have at least one case of the virus and several schools have several cases, but administrators say the schools will stay open for now.

NOLA Public Schools is tracking 82 active cases of COVID-19, 81 of which are new since the district last reported two weeks ago on November 19.

Right now, 42 students and 40 staff members have the virus, 839 people are quarantined; which is less than two percent of the district’s population and this is impacting 40 out of the 76 public schools.

The district says it has several thresholds to meet before it would consider changes to how students are learning.

The citywide metrics tracked include:
● New cases per day above 50 (7-day average)
○ An increase over the 7-day average would need to be part of a trend of results of “community spread” to influence decision-making, not an identified or contained outbreak.)
○ New case demographics may influence more specific alterations to our current school model.
● Positive test rate above 5% (higher test rate would need to be part of a trend)
● Loss of testing capacity for symptomatic individuals with responsible turnaround times

NOLA Public Schools say before reverting to full-time distance learning, the district can take extra steps to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The would restructure extracurricular activities, reduce the number of grades with in-person learning and reduce classroom sizes. The district maintains it will continue to prioritize in-person learning and continue leaning on local and state medical experts as well as the advice of the CDC.

To see a list of schools with COVID-19 cases, click here.


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