New Orleans woman documents coronavirus survival on Facebook

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NEW ORLEANS – Her first post on Facebook was an announcement for her family and friends. Tiffany Vega-Gibson had the virus and just wanted to get the news out in the open. The post was almost confessional — she didn’t know how she’d gotten the virus, but she had suspected she had it, and after days of asking to be tested her fear was confirmed.

The post that came after that is difficult to watch. Vega-Gibson is in a hospital bed at University Medical Center, trying to breathe.

“I’m trying to be strong, y’all,” she gasps, “I really am.”

Today, Vega-Gibson is convinced that a dose of the anti-malaria drug Plaquenil in the hospital saved her life. She says it broke her fever, and gave her immune system a better chance to fight off the virus.

When she got out of the hospital, Vega-Gibson quarantined herself in her home for 14 days, strictly avoiding any contact with her husband or her 2 year old child.

Today, more than a month after she tested positive, Vega-Gibson says she’s worn out. Just walking up four or five steps leaves her winded, and her legs are wobbly. But that’s not the message she wants you to get from her story above.

Her message for other coronavirus patients is this: “You can recover. You will recover. Your life will go on.”


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