New Orleans restaurants don’t want to go backward with mask restrictions


NEW ORLEANS — With COVID-19 cases rising, New Orleans city leaders have suggested masks might again become a requirement.

At Dat Dog on Magazine Street like virtually everywhere else, customers who are vaccinated can eat mask-free, but the business is ready to do whatever is necessary to keep its customers and workers safe.

Laurie Fisher with Dat Dog said, “Our policy doesn’t require vaccinated customers to wear masks, however, if they want to wear masks and feel comfortable doing so, they are welcome to.”

Irwin Alpert is enjoying being mask-free and eating at Dat Dog. He’s vaccinated.

“Because I’m vaccinated, I don’t worry about it that much,” he said.

“The Delta variant is very frustrating and concerning, but if the City asks us to add more mask restrictions then we will be ready to do anything to keep our customers and staff safe,” Fisher said.

Although no one wants to go backward, after so much progress this past year.

“Ultimately mask-wearing helps us create a comfortable environment for those who are concerned with covid infection,” she said.

And for restaurant-goers like Irwin, for now, he’s enjoying the freedom.

“We’ve gone through it once. If we have to do it, we’ll do it,” he said.

The City says the best way to avoid having to go back to wearing masks and having more restrictions is through getting more people vaccinated.

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