Milisa Hubbard, Health Care Hero of the Day


MANDEVILLE, LA — There are more questions than answers regarding the coronavirus. But imagine having to explain the virus, and the safety measures in place to protect people, to people who are battling dementia.

That’s what Milisa Hubbard must do every day at Beau Provence, an assisted living and memory care facility in Mandeville. Due to the coronavirus, residents who normally enjoy group activities like bingo and even water gun battles can only spend time in smaller and widely spaced groups. Also, there are no outsiders allowed inside the facility. That means no visits from family or friends.

“I can only take residents outside two to three at a time,” Hubbard says. “We’ve had everyone in their rooms for dinner time.”

Regular visits with family have been replaced with video chats or telephone conversations through glass windows.

“Maybe of the 40 residents, maybe three understand. So every day I’m having to explain why the family is not here,” Hubbard said.

Even with the restrictions, residents at the facility are allowed to choose their activities each day. And if they’re happier with multiple video chats with family members each day, Hubbard and her team make it happed. Hubbard says she’s seeing results through the bright eyes and smiling faces of residents.

For her work, Hubbard is our Healthcare Hero of the Day, sponsored by Schonberg Care.

To learn more about Hubbard’s work, click on the video at the top of this story.


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