Lincoln Parish resident shares experience on waitlist for COVID-19 vaccine; More than 500 others on list


WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — Residents in Lincoln Parish sit on the waitlist for the COVID-19 vaccine, including resident, David Groce.

Groce first started following the Louisiana Department of Health’s information regaring vacine distribution and continued to wait until they released the list of pharmacies who would be getting the vaccine in lincoln parish. Though when the list was released last week, shock began to grow.

“I was surprised when the list of pharmacies finally came out, there was only one pharmacy in Lincoln Parish that had been identified,” said David Groce, waiting for vaccine.

One pharmacy, dedicated to administering the vaccine in the parish. Groce called multiple times the day they received the vaccine to get on the list.

“I kinda just gave up after numerous calls and then I tried later on the afternoon and got through and spoke to someone and I was told I was number 324 on their list,” said Groce.

He says the pharmacy told him they went through the 100 doses in just under two days. And now the list of people waiting, is over 500.

“In the last conversation I had with them, they had no information if they were gonna recieve anymore vaccinations and when.” Monday, LDH released new information regarding vaccine distribution, this time adding Super One Foods in Ruston to the list. But again, trouble grew when Groce called the pharmacy.

“So I said well let me call them and see if I can get on their list and they said well they had 500 on their list, they just got the vaccine today, and they’re not taking anymore appointments,” said Groce.

Groce and his wife are above than 70 years old meaning they fall under that first tier of those elgibile for the vaccine.

“We’d like to get the vaccine as soon as possible, our immune systems are not what they used to be, so we are more at risk,” said Groce.

That day may be closer than originally thought, Monday afternoon, Groce received a call from Northern Louisiana Medical Center that said he is set to receive the first dose of the COVID vaccine on Thursday. However, for countless other residents in Lincoln Parish, it’s still a waiting game to get the vaccine.


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