Louisiana schools reopen during 4th covid surge

Guidelines for Reopening Schools

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The new normal at the start of the school year is as much about student safety as it is about what students will learn in the classroom.

Today, Governor John Bel Edwards stated plainly, “We can’t send children back into schools unvaccinated and unmasked. Quite frankly, we need the safest possible setting for them.”

Families statewide are looking forward to classes starting, but with caution.

Parent Neil Alsop explained, “Yeah, I’m concerned but I want them to go back. I want to make sure that they do it the right way and are taking all the proper precautions.”

This week marks the beginning of the school year for many students. Edna Karr High school started classes today. The New Orleans Public Schools superintendent was on hand and optimistic.

“It is my hope that this particular school year that just as we’re seeing our students return to in-person learning, that the students can be in school every day with their peers and their teachers,” said Dr. Henderson Lewis, NOLA Schools Superintendent.

The staff at Sprout Pediatrics said that in addition to doing things like packing hand sanitizer in book bags, parents can also help keep their kids safe emotionally.

Kendall Connick, APRN stated, “I would just make sure that they feel comfortable and they kinda feed off of your energy too, so try to make them feel safe at home and make sure that they understand that you’re doing what’s best for them by going to school.”

Megan Landry spent a the day at the park with her kids and says she’s confidence that her kids will be OK this school year.

“The teachers wear their masks, the teachers are following all the guidelines, and they’re making sure the kids are following the guidelines. They’ve been fine since the start of the pandemic, and I think they’ll be fine this year,” said Landry.

Late this afternoon, Children’s Hospital head Dr. Mark Kline lauded the governor’s mask mandate as an essential element in keeping children in the classroom.

Klein exclaimed, “Though school will be opening, we will have tools to keep kids safe and out of the hospital.”

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