Felipe’s Taqueria puts protocols in place to enforce new vaccination proof restrictions


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Monday, enforcement began for restaurants and bars to check vaccination cards and COVID-19 negative status when entering these establishments. And, if not followed, there will be consequences.

The City of New Orleans says that if businesses violate these rules that they will be issued a cease and desist on the spot. This is putting lots of pressure on businesses, says Pike Howard at Felipe’s Taqueria.

“You might get shut down if you’re not following, and it is terrifying,” Howard explained. “When you’re asking people for papers for them to enter your business it seems like an odd thing.”

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Customer Lori Cominsky is visiting New Orleans from Chicago and says, “Honestly, their job is to take care of people and give hospitality, and it is not to be the vaccine police.”

With staff shortages city-wide, they don’t have employees working the doors checking cards or negative tests, but they do have protocols in place to check.

“If you sit at the bar, you show your negative test or your vaccine card,” said Howard. “If they are dining in, we approach their table and ask for vaccine or negative test.”

Despite all this added stress on businesses, he says they will continue to do what they can to keep their doors open for their customers.

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“Most individuals are playing by the rules, which is great. Everybody knows the rules,” he said.

There’s a Job-1 program that is helping people getting jobs working the doors checking vaccine cards. These folks will get paid $15 an hour, so this is a win-win for businesses who need the help, and for people needing jobs right now.

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