Dr. Rachel answers your coronavirus questions about hand sanitizer, gloves, and kids

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NEW ORLEANS — WGNO medical correspondent Dr. Rachel, the Teaching Doctor, has been answering viewer emails during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have a question for Dr. Rachel, send her an email at DrRachel@wgno.com.

Here are her latest responses to viewer emails:

Viewer email: How long should I run hand sanitizer on my hands to kill the COVID-19 virus?

Dr. Rachel: This is actually one of my pet peeves when I see people put hand sanitizer on their hands and just kind of go like this. You treat that hand sanitizer exactly the same way you would as if you were washing your hands with soap and water.

So, you put the hand sanitizer in your hand. Get your nails. Both sides. Rub. Between your fingers. Backs of your hands. It should take 20 seconds just like you were doing when you were washing your hands with soap and water.

Viewer email: My friend, who is a nurse, said I am removing my gloves the wrong way. How am I supposed to remove them?

Dr. Rachel: A lot–I think we could say most–of the people are removing them the wrong way if they are wearing the gloves. What you need to do is think of your hands. These are all contaminated with virus. So, you take the one hand and grab the outside of the glove and pull it off. It’s going to naturally go inside out.

Then, with your clean hand, you are going to slide underneath . See how I am sliding underneath the glove? And I am just going to push the glove off. That inverts the one glove into the other. And, then you just throw them away.

Viewer email: I just heard that my 5-year-old son can get the coronavirus. I thought kids were immune.

Dr. Rachel: Unfortunately, no, kids are not immune. We know that kids are getting this. Their symptoms are much more mild. But, in kids one year of age and younger, we are seeing about 10 percent of those who get the virus have pretty severe complications.

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