Dr. Grace Lee is a Health Care Hero of the Day


NEW ORLEANS — Dr. Grace Lee is part of Tulane’s Preventive Medicine team and is helping the Louisiana Office of Public Health protect some of the state’s most vulnerable residents from the coronavirus.

Lee and her team work with senior citizen and other long term care facilities to put the best practices in place to protect those facilities. She works from her office in Benson Tower in the CBD or at the facilities.

“They’re wrestling with the challenges of protecting their residents,” Lee told WGNO.

As we learn more about the coronavirus, the guidelines from the CDC for senior care are changing. Lee likens the response to flying a plane while it’s being built.

Senior care facilities are banning all outsiders from entering and replacing family visits with video chats or window/fence visits. She says that as guidelines from the CDC change, the care facilities are also getting more creative.

“One facility we went to even set up a window dining experience. They set up a little table outside their window so that their family members could sit on the opposite side and they could have a little meal together,” Lee said.

For her work, Lee is a Health Care Hero of the Day, sponsored by Schonberg Care. For more on Lee’s work, click on the video at the top of this story.


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