Deputy White House Communications Director talks Covid vaccine supply, latest recovery plan with WGNO

Kate Berner, Deputy White House Communications Director in the Biden Administration, speaks with WGNO over Zoom

METAIRIE, LA — Kate Berner knows what’s happening inside the White House. She’s the Deputy Communications Director for the Biden Administration. Tuesday afternoon, she spoke with WGNO News about the administration’s efforts to vaccinate the country and boost the economy, also made sick by the pandemic.

Berner talked about the American Rescue Plan which is moving through the congress. It’s a $1.9 trillion Covid relief package that includes $1,400 checks to people and more than $5 billion dollars in fiscal relief for Louisiana and its cities.

Many republican lawmakers are speaking out against the plan, especially its price tag. But Berner said that the Biden administration is dealing with two issues: the pandemic and the economic issues it has created.

“We have twin crises that we face in the country right now. We have a global health crisis that has cost 500,000 Americans tragically their lives,” Berner said. “We have a corresponding economic crisis. We’re continuing to see job growth that’s really slow.

Berner also talked about President Biden’s announcement that there could be enough Covid vaccine supply by the end of May to inoculate every American. But she added that the fastest way for Louisiana to return to its pre-Covid norms depends on people getting vaccinated.

“If you want to get back in the football stadium, if you want Jazz Fest, or if you just want to go out to dinner with your friends or family, then the most important thing you can do is get vaccinated when it’s your turn,” Berner said.

The house already passed the American Rescue Plan, and the senate could vote by the end of this week.


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