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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — When Rachel Haggerty tested positive for COVID-19, she never imagined that months later she would still be in the hospital suffering its effects.

Dealing with COVID pneumonia, breathing only with the help of the ventilator, Rachel began to lose hope.

“There’s been days that all I do is cry,” Haggerty said. “Mentally, it was a lot I had really good days, I had really bad days. There has been a lot of depressed days, there’ve been a lot of tears.”

Rachel spent four months in the hospital, two of those she can’t remember due to medicated sedation. She has been through three medical facilities and suffered from acute lung failure.

But something that Rachel’s loved ones call a miracle occurred, she began to get better. After months of waiting, Rachel finally made her way back home.

“I’m happy to be home,” Haggerty said. “I’m ready to see my pets, ready to be with her, and ready to not be woken up at 5 o’clock every morning.”

While Rachel is glad to be back home and ready to make a full recovery, she still has conflicting feelings about her healing.

“I’ve had the guilt mentality about it for a while,” Haggerty said. “Why me? Why do I get to survive and there’s children dying of this, people’s mothers? Aside from the guilt, yes, I’m very lucky.”

But in times of hopelessness, Rachel leaned on the support of those around her to help her heal.

“I had no idea that I meant so much to people, so yeah it was definitely a big thing about support,” Haggerty said.

Rachel still has a lot more recovering to do but she says she is so grateful for all of the nurses that took care of her in those months of recovery. A GofundMe page has been made to help Rachel will hospital bills and any other needs.