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NEW ORLEANS – With 347 confirmed cases of coronavirus, Louisiana began the day on March 19 among the states with the highest rates of infection in the country.

With most of the statewide cases centered in Orleans Parish, it should come as no surprise that if New Orleans were counted as a state, it would be at the top of the list as well.

In fact, Louisiana currently ranks fifth among the 50 states, trailing only New York, Washington, California, and New Jersey, according to coronavirus tracking website worldometer.

The 231 cases that have currently been reported in New Orleans would land the city of around 400,000 people ninth on the list, with Florida, Illinois, and Massachusetts coming between New Orleans and Louisiana in the rankings.

The entire state of Texas currently has 222 reported cases of coronavirus among its over 28 million residents, nine fewer cases than New Orleans.

When it comes to deaths, Louisiana ranks fourth in the nation with eight, and New Orleans would come in sixth with its six reported deaths.

Of course, these numbers give only a snapshot of life during the coronavirus pandemic on the morning on March 19. The number of reported cases is expected to continue rising by the hour for the foreseeable future.