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NEW ORLEANS — The COVID-19 crisis made 2020 a year many would like to forget. But, with cases on the rise, 2021 looks like it is stuck on repeat: festivals canceled, a mask mandate back in effect, hospitals warning that beds are filling up.

There are still many questions. WGNO has answers.

In the special report Coronavirus: What You Need To Know, Dr. Rachel, the Teaching Doctor, explains the dangers of the virus and the promise of the vaccine.

We speak to an infectious diseases expert about why the Delta variant spread so quickly and what doctors are preparing for next.

A doctor from Children’s Hospital explains what happens when patients are hospitalized with the disease caused by the virus.

And, we speak to a mother who made the decision to get the vaccine while she was pregnant and why she thinks it was the best decision for her child and family.

WGNO’s Curt Sprang and Dr. Rachel present the special report Coronavirus: What You Need To Know.