NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Carnival krewe captains already knew that parading members will have to be vaccinated for Covid-19, or show proof of a negative test, before the floats roll on the streets of New Orleans.

But until Thursday evening (Jan. 27), some captains didn’t know that they’d be required to sign a legal document, personally attesting that all their members will follow the rules.

New Orleans Health Director, Dr. Jennifer Avegno, announced the requirement at a public meeting of the Mayor’s Mardi Gras Advisory Council. Avegno told the group that affidavits are the “simplest” way to enforce the vaccination rule.

Two krewe captains told WGNO that they had not been told about the affidavit requirement until the meeting, but both said they were willing to sign — if that’s what the City needs to allow Carnival to take place.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes for Endymion to roll,” said Endymion Captain Dan Kelly, “we’ve notified all of our riders.”

Morpheus President Paul Leman echoed that sentiment, and said that his krewe’s float riders would not be given their costumes until they showed their proof of vaccination.

But he said the City has made krewe captains’ jobs tougher, by requiring the captains to also get affidavits attesting to the vaccination status of everyone who participates in a parade– not just the float riders.

“Something new like this,” said Leman, “where we have to get every marching group, dancing group, Shriner group– and have an affidavit sent to us– puts a lot more weight and work on the clubs, you know?”

Krewe captains who don’t provide the affidavits to the Health Department by February 11 risk having the City revoke their permits to parade.