Cantrell says New Orleans has 1 week to get coronavirus numbers down


Mayor LaToya Cantrell, August 2020

NEW ORLEANS – Mayor LaToya Cantrell issued a statement on social media this morning warning of additional restrictions if the city’s coronavirus cases don’t decline this week.

“Our cases are on the rise!” Cantrell wrote in a Facebook post. “We have ONE week to get them down or NOLA will have to issue more restrictions to #slowthespread.”

A screenshot of the COVID-19 New Orleans Dashboard, which is run by the city, shows the current coronavirus threat level in Orleans Parish at red, the highest level. That level indicates an “Active or Imminent Outbreak,” according to the chart.

The city experienced 160 new cases in the last seven days, with an infection rate of 1.23. Those stats are in the orange and red levels, while the 3.6 percent positive test rate is slightly lower, at the yellow level.

“Our current situation is hurting our healthcare system and our healthcare workers,” Cantrell wrote. “They have done so much for us, mask up for them. Let’s #CrushTheCurve this week!”


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