Beauty Tips with Dr. Burkenstock: how to solve your sweaty armpit problem

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Are you just cute as a button, but those sweaty armpits keep embarrassing you?

Sometimes excessive sweating goes beyond beauty, and it begins to affect our professional life.

When you`re delivering a professional presentation, and you`re worried about sweat on your suit or blouse, this can be very embarrassing. The situation can inhibit your presentation.

When sweaty armpits are severe, it`s a condition known as hyperhidrosis.

Of course the first thing you would want to try is corn starch powder, baby powder, or other antiperspirants, to attempt to treat the situation non-medically.

When simple remedies haven`t worked, we can botox the area. When we botox the area, we inhibit the release of some of the sweat glands and leave you dry, free, and confident. Then, you can raise your arms in any dress, any event, and not have to be embarrassed.


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