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It you’re looking in the mirror and wondering what you can do about crow’s feet and maybe an acne scar but didn’t have the down time to take 1 to 2 weeks off of work, before, the only answer was a CO2 deep laser, RBM Laser peel, something of that nature.

Now we have radio frequency.

Radio frequency combined with micro needling takes tiny micro needles and inserts them deep down into the dermos which is the lower level of the skin. By heating the collagen bundles in a block like way we are able to remove the aged collagen and elastin and replace it with new, revitalized colleginal strands.

“You have some discoloration from sun spots and it just smooths everything out,” Blaise Sauro, Dr. Burkenstock’s patient, said. “I have fine lines, never had that many, but the ones that I did have they are completely gone.”

Radio frequency and micro needling improves wrinkles like crow’s feet, or wrinkles around the lips, it also helps with depressed scars. Minimal down time, minimal pain, excellent procedure.