Haunted Wedding Held at the House of Shock

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It’s a wedding like no other.

Two lovebirds have made it official, choosing one of New Orleans’ most recognized haunted houses as their backdrop and making Halloween night the night.

Bride Megan Adair says, “we wanted something Halloween and I started joking around we mine as well do it at a haunted house and have all the decorations already and he was like that’s a great idea! I was like, ‘okay I already emailed them. I’m just waiting to hear back from them,’ and we were like House of Shock that’s our favorite one.”

The House of Shock is known to be intense. What you see there you don’t usually forget and that is exactly what Megan Adair and Chris Guillot are going for.

The two are in love with Halloween, had their first date here, and now they’re making it official by vowing to stick together and live life outside of the box.

“They are very welcome of this distinction. To be able to come here and fulfill their dreams,” says House of Shock owner Lord Belial.

“Unique couple; couldn’t think of a better place in New Orleans to get married that the greatest haunted house in the world,” says Reverend B. Dangerous.

“We are different,” says Adair.

“That’s the only way to do it,” says groom Chris Guillot.

“We go to all the metal concerts while everybody is at Justin Bieber. I mean, we’re just that type of people. We rather be on a motorcycle or going around on a big old road trip in a minivan,” says Adair.

The House of Shock opens for one last night this season on Friday at 7pm.

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