HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) — Musician Harry Roullier fills Renaissance Fest with sights and sounds as he plays the Hurdy Gurdy.

A festival is not a festival in Louisiana without music and the Louisiana Renfest is no exception. Visitors can find Rouiller in the midst of all of the excitement with an instrument that not only looks different, but its name is also funny. This istrument is known as the Hurdy Gudy.

“The French call it the vielle a roue, which is a fiddle with a wheel, but in English they call it a Hurdy Gurdy,” says Rouiller.

Rouiller and the Hurdy Gurdy have been a Ren Fest staple since Rouiller first stumbled upon the interesting instrument years back.

You can see Harry perform during the Ren Fest in Hamond. The festival reopens tomorrow.

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