NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— This week, volunteers from Hancock Whitney helped the Audubon Zoo by planting a pollinator garden at Audubon Zoo.

The pollinator garden will helped to protect pollinators and inspire zoo visitors to continue doing good for nature and wildlife.

“Our hope is that this pollinator garden will inspire our visitors to make a positive impact on nature and wildlife, said Audubon Nature Institute President and CEO Ron Forman.

On Friday May 6th, the 44th annual Hancock Whitney Zoo-To_Do will help safeguard the future of the vital species.

According to the Audubon Zoo, Pollinators are important to the environment. Pollinator species help to pollinate over 90 percent of the planet’s flowering plants and one third of the human diet. While many people think of bees as the only pollinators they are not. Beetles, butterflies, birds, bats, and other small mammals are also pollinators. Pollinators are declining because of habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and urban development. Because these species are being threatened, pollinators are losing food and nesting sites critical for their survival.

For more information about Zoo-To-Do and how to get tickets, click HERE.