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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Funeral arrangements are in the works for the two girls who disappeared in the Mississippi River in April.

Fourteen-year-old Brandy Wilson’s body was recovered earlier this month, but eight-year-old Ally Berry Wilson remains missing.

The mother of the two girls, Octavia Wilson, says in the wake of her girls’ death, she believes she has found her purpose and is hoping to be a voice for women who have gone through a tragedy such as hers.

“I don’t care if your child’s been killed, a tragic accident, whatever the situation may be, it’s time for all of us to come together and work on this situation to get through our trauma together as women,” said Wilson.

The search for Wilson’s younger daughter, Ally, was called off a couple of weeks ago, but some in the community believe the eight-year-old will surface.

“We are all we got, like don’t lose your faith,” said family friend Michael Willis. “Like [my] hat says, hope: help other people endure, you know, so we really want to keep hope alive, like we still believe Ally is going to show up, and we’re going to stick to that.”

Meanwhile, the two are planning the girls’ funeral, which they say will be open to the public.

They are hoping it’s an event where you can meet your neighbor and find out how you can work together to improve your community.

“We really want to make the city, and especially Algiers, the community, to come out,” said Willis. “It’s going to be a great celebration.”

Wilson believes her girls would be proud of her on her new mission.

“I love them, and I miss them, and I’m happy that God gave me the time that he gave me to spend with them,” said Wilson.

The funeral location has not been publicly set, but the organizers are aiming for a spot in Algiers.

They say they will also pay tribute to the girls’ friend, 15-year-old Kevin Poole, Jr., who also fell victim to the water that day.

The funeral will take place June 11.