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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Rumors have been swirling for weeks about the future plans of Governor John Bel Edwards. Political circles say that Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards could be eyeing a job with the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. Governor John Bel Edwards is denying it 100 percent.

Will Governor John Bel Edwards stay or go? He says there’s absolutely no way he’s stepping down, but that’s not what political analyst Jeff Crouere thinks.

“Now that we are heading to the mid-term of Edwards’ second term as Governor, and into President Joe Biden’s first year as President, these rumors are ramping up and I think there’s a lot to them,” Crouere said.

Rumors in political circles say Edwards will take a job in President Joe Biden’s Administration with the Department of Energy.

“He’s from an energy-producing state. He knows the issue well. He is someone who I think is considered to be a moderate democrat, pro-business, pro-energy. I think the energy industry would be comfortable with him,” he said.

And he has the support the needs from fellow democrats.

“The Biden Administration has Cedric Richmond and Mitch Landrieu and they could be trying to get a fellow democrat in,” he said.

Communications Director with Governor John Bel Edwards’ office said in a statement:

“The Governor is hard at work for the people of Louisiana. He has the job he wants. There is absolutely no story other than that here. He’s actually meeting with some of his Cabinet and others next week to discuss the best ways to access Federal Infrastructure dollars to support Louisiana’s long-term climate goals, which are part of Louisiana’s climate action plan. He meets regularly with his Cabinet as most Governors do, I would imagine.”

But the rumors continue to swirl.

“We will see but the rumors are definitely intensifying that he could be leaving,” Crouere said.

Governor Edwards’ term doesn’t end until January of 2024. He was re-elected in 2019.

If this were to happen Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, a Republican would step in—something Crouere thinks gives Nungesser a major advantage in the next election for Governor.