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NEW ORLEANS— While turkey might be the star of the show on most Thanksgiving tables, here in Southeast Louisiana seafood is just as important.

At American Seafood, they supply restaurants, bars, and even homes throughout the city and we stopped by to see how our seafood is doing this year.

Wayne Hess of American Seafood Inc said, “This year for Thanksgiving it’s gonna be unbelievable. The oysters are fat, salty, salty, shrimps good supply, crabs, gumbo crabs. Everything we eat here in New Orleans for our Thanksgiving dinner is really in good supply.”

That’s great news for all of us, considering that back in late September the U.S. Department of Commerce approved a disaster declaration from the effects of the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening in the spring.

At the Westwego Seafood Market, we caught up with shopper Germaine Woods. She said, “I got shrimps, I got crabs, getting ready to get some fish, I got some boiled crabs from down there. I got some hot tamales, I got a little bit of everything.”

We may have dodged a bullet this year, but the future of some of our seafood is still in question.

“It takes about a year and a half for oysters to grow to market size and entire beds of the spats or seedlings form this year were destroyed by the freshwater intrusion,” said Hess.