Gone Fishing with Plaquemines’ President in ‘America’s Wetlands’

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Plaquemines Parish, La.–Our foray into Plaquemines Parish has to include a conversation with the guy in charge. President Amos Cormier III succeeded his father in the top job and he sees his role as primarily doing for others.

Cormier says, “I fell like it’s a call to serve. Rightfully so, people these days are cynical, but when you get in this job, if you’re trying to do the right things for the communities, you realize real quick that you’re serving the public.

At the heart of his service is a fight with the state over their master plan to divert river water into the marsh to cub erosion.

Cormier feels there’s a better way to build coast, “To me it only makes sense that in Louisiana, if you’ve got all the rest of the world building land doing dredging, how, with a straight face can you say we’re gonna build it by diverting the river?”

At the expense of wiping out your entire parish’s industries? Well exactly!

For Amos Cormier there’s a lot to keep fighting for.

He says, ‘We’re blessed with some of the most scenic areas. These wetlands are called America’s wetlands. John Audubon, all the birds, different species of bird that reside here because there’s such an abundance of life in all it’s forms.

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