Gold Enough To Eat: Gold Chicken Wings for Saints Season

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NEW ORLEANS– Le Pavillon is getting into the Saints spirit this football season with their very special gold dusted chicken wings, which are made with real gold!

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez went to taste these glamorous golden wings!

Le Pavillon added something glitzy and gold to their already glamorous hotel.

“These are our gold dusted chicken wings,”  Executive Chef Derek McKenna said.

These delicious chicken wings are made with very thin gold flakes, and yes it is real gold.

“They start from a 12 hour brine.  We season and bake them and then we flash fry them and toss them in a gold coconut butter sauce, and then we add the gold dust,”  he said.

He got the idea for his chicken creation by being part of the Who Dat Nation.

“The idea actually came from the Saints.  We wanted to feature something that went well with the theme of the team, and that is the gold,” Chef McKenna said.

Although gold and glamorous, these chicken wings are messy just like every good chicken wing should be!

“When you bite into them your mouth and lips will become golden.  I know when you eat them, you will need plenty of napkins,”  he said.

They will be selling these gold dusted chicken wings every Saints home game this season inside their bar.

They cost $20 for a plate of 8 wings.

For more information about Le Pavillon, click HERE.




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