Going the ‘Extra Yard for Teachers,’ College Football Playoff Foundation is helping NOLA Public Schools.


NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- At the beginning of the year, the College Football Playoff Foundation announced their commitment to New Orleans public schools.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 is getting in the way of the original game plan but, there is a new plan in the works.

Going the ‘Extra Yard for Teachers,’ the CFP Foundation partnered with the All State Sugar Bowl to donate hundreds of chrome books and 8,000 hotspots so that the students and teachers can connect.

“Our mantra is we kinda stick with it,” said Britton Banowski, Executive Director of the College Football Playoff Foundation. “We don’t just come in and play a football game and leave. We stick with it.”

Even more so now than ever, the College Football Playoff Foundation is sticking with their promise to the New Orleans schools.

“In this crazy time we are in around this pandemic, teachers are totally stepping up in New Orleans like we haven’t seen before,” shared Banowski. “And, we’re trying to figure out all the ways that we can help and give them support right now as they try and support their students and stay connected.”

Every year, the CFP Foundation gears up to give back. The program is call, “Extra Yard for Teachers.” Due to Coronavirus the foundation is making adjustments to how they help.

So, they’re kicking off a new three part plan. It includes investing in communities, founding teacher recognization programs and hosting virtual round tables.

“In the long run because without great teachers, we are not going to have great students and without great students we are not going to have great communities. So we believe they are critically important so the buy is an easy one for us,” Banowski said. “Were just thrilled you be apart of this success story that is Nola public schools right now and we’re also thrilled to be apart of helping out during this critical time.”


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