Gentilly homeowner saving thousands of dollars with solar powered home


NEW ORLEANS– The City of New Orleans has started a campaign called, “Solar For All NOLA” to help residents save money by using solar energy on their homes. Even businesses can save money by going solar.

The City has partnered with Solar Alternatives and PosiGen for this campaign.

Dwana Smith is one of 10,000 New Orleans homeowners who has a solar powered home.

“I recommend it to several family members and friends,” she said.

She’s recommending solar energy because there’s proof she’s saving money.

“Looking at the numbers, I didn’t realize I saved so much. Since I got solar energy in August of 2013, I’ve saved $11,488 dollars. In the past 12 months, I’ve saved $1,645,” she said.

Dwana turned to PosiGen to help her Gentilly home become solar powered.

“The kicker is, no down payment is required, there is no credit check, and the only thing required is you have to have a bill that’s high,” Douglas Melancon, PosiGen Manager said.

“With the loss of financial resources right now because of the pandemic, it makes sense to cut energy bills wherever you can. Economically it makes sense and I feel like I’m doing something great for the environment too,” Smith said.

“By generating your own power your using less coal,” Melancon said.

PosiGen will even come check your home for air leaks and seal those leaks as part of their Energy Efficient Audit—all free of charge.

“When you consider the amount of money people save with solar power, it is a no-brainer,” he said.

For more information on the Solar For All NOLA program, call 844-787-6527.

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