Galatoire’s Restaurant dishes an Oscar-themed dinner!

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NEW ORLEANS – Time flies! The Oscars are in just three days and chefs are preparing for the big day!

If you plan on staying home, Chef Lopez tell you how to make an Academy Award winning dish!

Th 92nd Academy Award is the day many of the world’s top-notch actors and actresses wait their whole lives for!

If you’re not in Los Angeles this Sunday, an Oscar-themed dish could have you feeling like A- list celeb!

“Seared gilded scallops. It was a dish that we have here on the menu” Corporate Executive Chef, Phillip Lopez told WGNO.

The Galatoire’s Restaurant menu that is! It’s a fun and simple entree you can even make at home! 

Many might think, “A seared scallop dish? Difficult to cook!” But not really! And lucky for you, Chef Lopez is happy to share the recipe!

“So we have the scallops that are sautéed for about five minutes. We have the purée on the bottom which consists of celery root and coconut. Then you have the seasoning spice.”

In honor of the Oscars, Chef Lopez added 24 carrot edible gold to the dish! 

“I mean, the flavors are just so perfect!”

Perfect could be an understatement! we devoured it!

Are you ready for the best part?! The entire dish is 20 bucks!

“You can easily find scallops at any grocery store! A can of coconut milk probably costs a dollar twenty. For a whole bulb of celery root, you’re probably looking at maybe another dollar or something.”

Now that we have your dish squared away. You’re officially Oscar dinner ready! 

If you’d like to try Galatoire’s seared gilded scallops, you can go to their restaurant at 209 Bourbon street. 


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