Frozen pipes are a problem best left to the professionals

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NEW ORLEANS -- That drip, drip, drip has frozen over causing your pipes to expand and burst. So now what?

"What you should not do is nothing," says Lee Laporte, the owner of Laporte Plumbing.

Your pipe problem could only get worse if left untreated, so your best bet at this point, is to call in the professionals.

Laporte has ten trucks with roughly twenty plumbers combing the New Orleans area. His phone is ringing off the hook.

"The freezing is what caused the break. It expands the pipe and when the pipe expands, the pipe splits, when it thaws, that's when it breaks," says Laporte.

And Mother Nature doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Although temperatures are said to fluctuate this week, the verdict is in. It's a cold one out there.

"The worst time is after we have a cold night like tonight and then during the day the temperatures don't get above freezing much and then you have another hard freeze," says Laporte.

So how do you prevent those pipes from freezing solid?

Laporte recommends running a pencil lead stream of water to ensure circulation. He says wrap your pipes if you can and don't forget about any pipes that may be in your attic. You can get freezing temperatures up there as well.


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